New Year Lights of Blue and Red

So I refrained from posting during the holidays in a perfunctory attempt to maintain social graces, however it is more than white trash Canadians would care to do and more than they deserve.  Take New Year’s Eve for example as Canadians rang in the New Year with flashing lights of red and blue.  No, these were not celebratory fireworks but the strobe lights of police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances.

I always believed that celebrations should only be for people who have things to celebrate.  New Year’s should be about taking stock in one’s achievements throughout the year, or the progress they have made toward one’s goals.  Not for Canadians though.  New Year is just another excuse to act like hooligans and idiots.  As if they needed another excuse to act like morons – every Friday night is an excuse for them to get drunk and rowdy.  New Year only gives them an excuse to act like bigger morons than usual.

Even when they scream at the top of their lungs “Happy New Year!” when the clocks strike midnight, it means nothing.  The words lack any meaningful intent, neither wishing their friends an actual happy New Year nor celebrating future hopes and endeavors.  When they yell Happy New Year, it is simply just to yell.  The only thing most Canadians have to celebrate is for not putting a barrel of a gun down their mouths and ending their miserable existences.  Too much?  Well I call it as I see it, especially when the Canadian government is beginning to kowtow to gun lobbyists thanks to that disgusting ex-prime minister, Stephen Harper, and nobody seems to care about the rising gun violence in the country.


The Bitter Angry Pathetic Canadians

So I woke up this morning and found the cars along our street had the tires slashed.  This is indicative of the white trash loser mindset of Canadians.  Canadians are so angry and bitter about their miserable lives that they feel a pathological need to lash out.  They blame everyone and everything else for their sad pathetic existences that they mindlessly lash out in petty vandalism.  It’s the only way they can feel an ounce of pleasure in their miserable lives.  Imagine a society in a perpetual state of misery and that is Canada.  And naturally the white trash Canadians never look at themselves to see the root of their problems, their mounting personal debt, their uneducated viewpoints, their lousy relationships.  They are always looking to blame someone else.  Just look at the multiple Vancouver hockey riots for examples.  Disgraceful.

I would be angry if I didn’t feel so sorry for them.  A couple hundred dollars for two new tires doesn’t mean very much, but the mounting wretchedness of Canadians is absolutely pitiful.  It’s funny though, these same ignorant Canadians would be the first to scream that there should be zero social welfare and people should take responsible for their own lives.  Yet when the first thing go wrong in their insignificant lives they are the first to shout, scream, throw tantrums. “Oh wretched and poor me!  It’s not my fault!  It’s the immigrants!  It’s the government!  Everyone else is to blame!  Never me!”   They never say, “Well I don’t need to drive that nice car.  I don’t need to spend money on booze.  I can cut back on buying shit I don’t need.”  No, instead they feel self-entitled for all the things they see on TV and bemoan the world when they need to actually pay their credit cards.

Canadians are truly pathetic white trash.

Disgusting RCMP

When the majority of Canada’s population is made up of fatuous and ridiculous people then they breed disgusting police officers.  The Canadian RCMP and other Canadian municipal police departments are the most corrupt, incompetent, and depraved organizations on the planet.  Their crimes range from evidence tampering to rape and murder.  Some of the most famous are when four RCMP officers tasered an innocent man to death in the airport, just because it was fun to do.  Video footage clearly captured their flippant and smirky attitudes when they were about to do it.  Or another one, a Canadian police officer thought it was OK to taser an eight year old child.  Or the Highway of Tears when Native women are raped and murdered by police.

The latest disgusting act by the RCMP – “Child luring charge to go ahead against RCMP officer in Creep Catchers case.”  And guess what.  Every time when one of these degenerate police is caught, all that happens is that they get a fully paid suspension (a paid holiday) wait until the media dies down, and then they are found not guilty or a slap on the wrist and it’s back to business as usual.  Just disgusting!

How could Canada have such disgusting police organizations, you ask?  Well, it helps when the rich and powerful want them that way – goons that will do their bidding without question.  Example, when Montreal police used brutal and violent action against peaceful protesters at the G8 summit.

No, that’s not possible, you say?  When the RCMP illegally destroyed the long-gun registry in Canada, the corporate lapdog Prime Minister Stephen Harper simply wrote a new law, back-date it to before the crime, hid it in a 500 page omnibus bill, and passed it.  And his police lackeys got off Scott free for breaking the law.  When criminals are directed and protected by the highest authority in Canada then the country is truly disgusting.

People will say I’m just an angry person.  True.  My question is:  “Why aren’t you angry?”  The only thing more disgusting than the corruption in Canada, the disgusting corporate lapdog Stephen Harper, is that the Canadian people let them get away with it.  People need to be angry.  Stop spending all you time watching TV, going to movies, stuffing your fat faces, and start paying attention to things that matter!  Otherwise, you’re nothing but a nation of white trash.


Blow a single leaf around to feel good

What’s up with Canadian white trash and their yards?  Are their lives so miserable that puttering around their yards is the only sort of sorry way to fool themselves that they are accomplishing something.  Whenever a little sun comes out, you see these red faced, pot belly, losers puttering around their yard with a leaf blower blowing around a single leaf in their little yards.  Maybe if they picked up a rake once in awhile their disgusting fat bellies wouldn’t hang over their belts like  bags of jello.  The truth is, if you own a leaf blower and it’s not for your day job then you are white trash.

Old farts and real estate

Just over hearing Canadians bitch and moan in coffee shops confirms my belief that the majority of them are ignorant white trash.  They blame immigrants and unions for everything.  But in fact, it’s their own fault for eating up rhetoric spoon fed to them by their last corrupt government.

Harper and their last Conservative government had devastated the Canadian economy.  The corporate lapdog Harper sank every tax dollar paid by their citizens into dirty oil, lobbying for big oil companies and lobbying for Israel.  Canadians do not even realize that Harper spent over half a billion of their tax dollars to secure Israel’s security.  He called it aid to Israel’s neighbors but in reality, they are bribes.  Act against Israel and lose Canadian monies.

Now that oil prices have collapsed, every industry in Canada has retreated.  Joblessness is at record high, debt levels skyrocketed, and Canadians are worse off now than ten years ago.  The only industry that is propping up their dying economy is real estate.

Now sitting in a coffee shop I hear these ruddy skin old farts complain about how immigrants are buying up all the houses, how they are inflating the prices and crowding the place.  Just unbelievable ignorance!  Without the influx of foreign investment in Canadian real estate, the Canadian economy is dead.  But no, the white trash Canadians never think about that.  It’s just immigrant are bad bad bad.  Immigrants this and immigrants that.  Fucking white trash at their finest.

Speaks For Itself


What describes Canadian White Trash more vividly than racist religious rage?

Ever since the fear-mongering corporate lapdog, Stephen Harper, went on his decade long crusade of Muslim bashing, Israel boot-licking, and fanning the flames of ignorant white hate, Canadians have regressed into uneducated racist Neanderthals.  The latest hate act was by this woman in Ontario Canada, who attacked a Muslim woman for no reason in a grocery store, spitting and punching her,  in front of her four year old child! 

Personally, I think that all religions are primitive and childish.  But Canadians are taking religious zeal to a new low.  If you wonder why I have such a low opinion of Canadians, the rapidly increasing stuff like this should clear it up.

Paint A Picture

When people complain about Canada on the internet, they usually complain about the dumbest things like the weather is too cold, or the taxes are too high, or something completely nonsensical.  The weather varies in different regions of Canada like most countries.  In fact it is a beautiful place.  The taxes are reasonable, though the right wing nut job Canadians would bitch constantly and increasingly follow the lead of their hero Republican counterparts in the States.  This increasing number of dumb uneducated Canadians lack the ability to calculate benefits vs costs and lack the I.Q. to see any further than the tip of their fat noses.  Instead, they constantly gobble up the rhetoric spoon fed to them by wealthy money interests and the rich.  So when it comes to what makes a country disgusting, it comes down to the people.  And Canadians are regressing to Neanderthals.

Case in point, the Canadian Conservative Party leadership candidate Maxime Bernier this week described Canada’s practice of supply management of dairy, poultry and eggs as a CARTEL, a criminal organization that opposes free markets.  What bullshit!  There is nothing wrong with a country maintaining the right to control their industries. To say otherwise, is to give up control of your own country to big money interests and the wealthy. Plus, it’s not even true that Canadians are paying more, which numerous news articles explain.  But Canadians, the dumb turkeys that they are, gobble all the rhetoric up, throwing tantrums and screaming about how unfair they are being treated.  And for the savings of a few cents on milk they are willing to trade up a good portion of Canada’s autonomy and self-governance.  Does that not paint an accurate picture of Canadians as dumb white trash?