Easy Riders Wannabes

When spring and summer rolls around to Canada, all the middle-aged, pot-belly, rubesque, wrinkle-skinned white trash Canadians dust off their motorcycles from their garages and rev them up and down a street or two around their neighbourhood aping the likes of old outdated movie personas of rebels, or easy riders, or whatever.  These old and flabby, maturity-stunted Canadians really don’t know how utterly silly they look to anyone with an ounce of intelligence. Instead they think themselves looking cool and they strut around as if there are paragons of a lifestyle of easy freedom and road warriors, or something dumb like that. When in fact, they are the complete opposite.  At best they take a road trip on their bikes maybe once a year, if even. Most of the time they rev their engines noisily up and down the same streets around town trying desperately to draw attention to themselves. Just pathetic people. Easy riders wannabes – overweight, old, sun-burnt, and wrinkled. Canadians need to grow up.


Shiny Baubles and Toys – Necessities?

Canadians love to buy things.  They like it so much that they go into debt to do so.  They believe having pretty baubles and shiny toys to be necessities like food and shelter.  If they are ever denied such frivolous things then they act as if they are being deprived, and life is soooooo unfair to them. So it is the immigrants fault, it is the governments fault, it is the fault of China or Russia, it is always someone else’s fault.

And the stupidest thing of all about this, as much as Canadians love to consume for the sake of consuming, they hate to take responsibility for their junk.  So when they use up whatever it is they wanted and craved at one point in time, they refuse to dispose of them responsibly afterwards.  So everywhere you go in Canada, in the city, in the suburbs, you will see their garbage furtively dumped outside.  Couches and mattress dumped on the side of the road.  TV and electronics chucked into dumpsters instead of being properly recycled.  They used their parks and hiking trails like garbage dumps, where they sneak into in the dark of night like criminals and chucking their useless things away.  They would even surreptitiously throw their junk into their neighbor’s yards.  What kind of people treat the country that they confess such patriotic zeal for and then use it as a trash dump because they don’t care  to pay to properly dispose of their garbage?  White trash kind of people, that’s what kind.

Old farts and real estate

Just over hearing Canadians bitch and moan in coffee shops confirms my belief that the majority of them are ignorant white trash.  They blame immigrants and unions for everything.  But in fact, it’s their own fault for eating up rhetoric spoon fed to them by their last corrupt government.

Harper and their last Conservative government had devastated the Canadian economy.  The corporate lapdog Harper sank every tax dollar paid by their citizens into dirty oil, lobbying for big oil companies and lobbying for Israel.  Canadians do not even realize that Harper spent over half a billion of their tax dollars to secure Israel’s security.  He called it aid to Israel’s neighbors but in reality, they are bribes.  Act against Israel and lose Canadian monies.

Now that oil prices have collapsed, every industry in Canada has retreated.  Joblessness is at record high, debt levels skyrocketed, and Canadians are worse off now than ten years ago.  The only industry that is propping up their dying economy is real estate.

Now sitting in a coffee shop I hear these ruddy skin old farts complain about how immigrants are buying up all the houses, how they are inflating the prices and crowding the place.  Just unbelievable ignorance!  Without the influx of foreign investment in Canadian real estate, the Canadian economy is dead.  But no, the white trash Canadians never think about that.  It’s just immigrant are bad bad bad.  Immigrants this and immigrants that.  Fucking white trash at their finest.

Speaks For Itself


What describes Canadian White Trash more vividly than racist religious rage?

Ever since the fear-mongering corporate lapdog, Stephen Harper, went on his decade long crusade of Muslim bashing, Israel boot-licking, and fanning the flames of ignorant white hate, Canadians have regressed into uneducated racist Neanderthals.  The latest hate act was by this woman in Ontario Canada, who attacked a Muslim woman for no reason in a grocery store, spitting and punching her,  in front of her four year old child! 

Personally, I think that all religions are primitive and childish.  But Canadians are taking religious zeal to a new low.  If you wonder why I have such a low opinion of Canadians, the rapidly increasing stuff like this should clear it up.

Paint A Picture

When people complain about Canada on the internet, they usually complain about the dumbest things like the weather is too cold, or the taxes are too high, or something completely nonsensical.  The weather varies in different regions of Canada like most countries.  In fact it is a beautiful place.  The taxes are reasonable, though the right wing nut job Canadians would bitch constantly and increasingly follow the lead of their hero Republican counterparts in the States.  This increasing number of dumb uneducated Canadians lack the ability to calculate benefits vs costs and lack the I.Q. to see any further than the tip of their fat noses.  Instead, they constantly gobble up the rhetoric spoon fed to them by wealthy money interests and the rich.  So when it comes to what makes a country disgusting, it comes down to the people.  And Canadians are regressing to Neanderthals.

Case in point, the Canadian Conservative Party leadership candidate Maxime Bernier this week described Canada’s practice of supply management of dairy, poultry and eggs as a CARTEL, a criminal organization that opposes free markets.  What bullshit!  There is nothing wrong with a country maintaining the right to control their industries. To say otherwise, is to give up control of your own country to big money interests and the wealthy. Plus, it’s not even true that Canadians are paying more, which numerous news articles explain.  But Canadians, the dumb turkeys that they are, gobble all the rhetoric up, throwing tantrums and screaming about how unfair they are being treated.  And for the savings of a few cents on milk they are willing to trade up a good portion of Canada’s autonomy and self-governance.  Does that not paint an accurate picture of Canadians as dumb white trash?