Canadian Gas Guzzlers

Another reason Canadians are such white trash is because they are hypocrites.  When it comes to talking the talk about preserving the environment and being responsible to the world, their voice is loud, incredibly loud.  They trumpet their support for green by insulting other countries and strutting around like they are so unapproachable in their stance on the environment.  However, when it comes to walking the walk, Canadians are lame ducks.  Canada is ranked 4th in CO2 emissions Per Capita.  2 out of every 3 vehicles sold in N.America is a large truck or SUV over mid to small size cars, so that Ford decided to stop production of gas friendly vehicles and only produce trucks and SUVs.  Canadians are just disgusting backwards and as a people, just repugnant.


Easy Riders Wannabes

When spring and summer rolls around to Canada, all the middle-aged, pot-belly, rubesque, wrinkle-skinned white trash Canadians dust off their motorcycles from their garages and rev them up and down a street or two around their neighbourhood aping the likes of old outdated movie personas of rebels, or easy riders, or whatever.  These old and flabby, maturity-stunted Canadians really don’t know how utterly silly they look to anyone with an ounce of intelligence. Instead they think themselves looking cool and they strut around as if there are paragons of a lifestyle of easy freedom and road warriors, or something dumb like that. When in fact, they are the complete opposite.  At best they take a road trip on their bikes maybe once a year, if even. Most of the time they rev their engines noisily up and down the same streets around town trying desperately to draw attention to themselves. Just pathetic people. Easy riders wannabes – overweight, old, sun-burnt, and wrinkled. Canadians need to grow up.

Fat is Neither Healthy nor Beautiful (stop fooling yourselves)

I was hopping to be done with this Blog, but Canadians have become so repugnant and disgusting that I can’t help but need some place to vent.  So here it is to the world.

Now when I say fat, I don’t mean a little bit of chunk on your bones.  Healthy muscles and fat is one thing, but when your belly rolls over your pant waist, when your arms flab and flops around like a jelly roll, and you can barely walk without imitating a waddling goose, and your butt size overwhelms your circumference area, you are disgusting.  Canadian obesity problem is only second to the USA and it has become ridiculous.

And in order to make themselves feel better about their excessive pounds and pounds of fat they carry around with them, they try to make their obesity normal by inserting they are beautiful, that they are still healthy and active.  They  prance around in t-shirts and shorts displaying their flab and jiggle proudly to the world.  They would even go so far to shame the healthy, slim people whom taken steps to take care of their bodies.  They would say, “If I eat healthy like her, I rather die.”  or “She/he is so vain to exercise so much.  I’m too good for that.”

News Flash – NO, fat is the opposite of attractive.  It is ugly.  And being on the edge of Diabetes is not healthy.  Get some self-respect.

Yes, the obesity problem in North America has a lot to do with the Country selling out their food supply for the almighty dollar.  The country allows corporation to poison their food supply in order to increase profits.  It is more expensive and more inconvenient to eat healthy food over processed and sweetened foods.  However when it comes down to it, it is not impossible to choose to eat healthy.  Canadians have to take responsibility for their decisions.  And most Canadians are too weak, too overly self-indulgent not to stuff their fat faces with foods that are clearly unhealthy.  This is what make Canadians Pathetic!

Pill Popping, Drug-addled, Canada

You all hear about Canadian Medicare, and in that sense, Canada is above average and is worthy of praise, no matter how much slavering corporate lap dogs in the United States want you to believe in the contrary.  Canadian Health Care is an envy to most nations and should be protected.

However, the medical professionals prevalent in white trash Canada, and influenced greatly by the States, are worthy of condemnation.  The doctors in Canada are not interested in curing the ills of their patients, but in simply treating them.  Why?  Because of profit.  The medical professionals of Canada are so deeply in bed with Pharmaceutical companies so that they make money if patients pop pills.

So the only thing Canadian doctors do with patients is prescribe pills, pills, pills, burdening heavy costs (billions) on both patients and the health care system.  Even the most simple of ills that could be treated with proper diet and exercise, the Canadian doctors will prescribe pills.  And because these pills cause side effects, the doctor prescribe more pills to counter that.  It goes on and on and on in a vicious circle with no end in sight.  No effort will be made to get patients off these medications.

The Canadian doctors and pharmaceutical industries are ghouls, making profit off of human pain and suffering.  How do they sleep at night?  Ghouls!  I wish there actually is a Biblical Hell cause Canadian doctors would surely burn there in the end.

Shiny Baubles and Toys – Necessities?

Canadians love to buy things.  They like it so much that they go into debt to do so.  They believe having pretty baubles and shiny toys to be necessities like food and shelter.  If they are ever denied such frivolous things then they act as if they are being deprived, and life is soooooo unfair to them. So it is the immigrants fault, it is the governments fault, it is the fault of China or Russia, it is always someone else’s fault.

And the stupidest thing of all about this, as much as Canadians love to consume for the sake of consuming, they hate to take responsibility for their junk.  So when they use up whatever it is they wanted and craved at one point in time, they refuse to dispose of them responsibly afterwards.  So everywhere you go in Canada, in the city, in the suburbs, you will see their garbage furtively dumped outside.  Couches and mattress dumped on the side of the road.  TV and electronics chucked into dumpsters instead of being properly recycled.  They used their parks and hiking trails like garbage dumps, where they sneak into in the dark of night like criminals and chucking their useless things away.  They would even surreptitiously throw their junk into their neighbor’s yards.  What kind of people treat the country that they confess such patriotic zeal for and then use it as a trash dump because they don’t care  to pay to properly dispose of their garbage?  White trash kind of people, that’s what kind.

No Racism – How would you know?

“There is no racism in Canada, not anymore.”

A Canadian friend of mine said this to me.  He was talking about how unfair ethical quotas are in the workplace, and he told me how a guy he knew was passed over for someone else because of the practice.  At the time, I did not think much about it, but it occurs to me now, “How the heck would he know?”  He was white.  What the hell kind of racism had he ever experienced?

And seriously, how unfair can the quota system be?  Given any organization in Canada, 98% of the workers are Caucasian even though 30% of the entire population is a visible ethnic variety.  So concerning this guy my friend knows who says he lost his place because of the practice of quota is more a telling of his own competence.  Here is the guy who could not even get a job within 98% of the spots open to him and other Caucasians, and now he bemoans the 2% left for the visible minorities.  Really, how pathetic must you be when you are the lowest of the 98% that couldn’t even get a spot among so many?

Canadians truly are ignorant morons.