White Trash Canadian

This video linked below says all that needs to be said about why a blog like mine here exists.  Canada, a nation of white trash.woman-demanding-white-doctor


Pill Popping, Drug-addled, Canada

You all hear about Canadian Medicare, and in that sense, Canada is above average and is worthy of praise, no matter how much slavering corporate lap dogs in the United States want you to believe in the contrary.  Canadian Health Care is an envy to most nations and should be protected.

However, the medical professionals prevalent in white trash Canada, and influenced greatly by the States, are worthy of condemnation.  The doctors in Canada are not interested in curing the ills of their patients, but in simply treating them.  Why?  Because of profit.  The medical professionals of Canada are so deeply in bed with Pharmaceutical companies so that they make money if patients pop pills.

So the only thing Canadian doctors do with patients is prescribe pills, pills, pills, burdening heavy costs (billions) on both patients and the health care system.  Even the most simple of ills that could be treated with proper diet and exercise, the Canadian doctors will prescribe pills.  And because these pills cause side effects, the doctor prescribe more pills to counter that.  It goes on and on and on in a vicious circle with no end in sight.  No effort will be made to get patients off these medications.

The Canadian doctors and pharmaceutical industries are ghouls, making profit off of human pain and suffering.  How do they sleep at night?  Ghouls!  I wish there actually is a Biblical Hell cause Canadian doctors would surely burn there in the end.

Shiny Baubles and Toys – Necessities?

Canadians love to buy things.  They like it so much that they go into debt to do so.  They believe having pretty baubles and shiny toys to be necessities like food and shelter.  If they are ever denied such frivolous things then they act as if they are being deprived, and life is soooooo unfair to them. So it is the immigrants fault, it is the governments fault, it is the fault of China or Russia, it is always someone else’s fault.

And the stupidest thing of all about this, as much as Canadians love to consume for the sake of consuming, they hate to take responsibility for their junk.  So when they use up whatever it is they wanted and craved at one point in time, they refuse to dispose of them responsibly afterwards.  So everywhere you go in Canada, in the city, in the suburbs, you will see their garbage furtively dumped outside.  Couches and mattress dumped on the side of the road.  TV and electronics chucked into dumpsters instead of being properly recycled.  They used their parks and hiking trails like garbage dumps, where they sneak into in the dark of night like criminals and chucking their useless things away.  They would even surreptitiously throw their junk into their neighbor’s yards.  What kind of people treat the country that they confess such patriotic zeal for and then use it as a trash dump because they don’t care  to pay to properly dispose of their garbage?  White trash kind of people, that’s what kind.

No Racism – How would you know?

“There is no racism in Canada, not anymore.”

A Canadian friend of mine said this to me.  He was talking about how unfair ethical quotas are in the workplace, and he told me how a guy he knew was passed over for someone else because of the practice.  At the time, I did not think much about it, but it occurs to me now, “How the heck would he know?”  He was white.  What the hell kind of racism had he ever experienced?

And seriously, how unfair can the quota system be?  Given any organization in Canada, 98% of the workers are Caucasian even though 30% of the entire population is a visible ethnic variety.  So concerning this guy my friend knows who says he lost his place because of the practice of quota is more a telling of his own competence.  Here is the guy who could not even get a job within 98% of the spots open to him and other Caucasians, and now he bemoans the 2% left for the visible minorities.  Really, how pathetic must you be when you are the lowest of the 98% that couldn’t even get a spot among so many?

Canadians truly are ignorant morons.


New Year Lights of Blue and Red

So I refrained from posting during the holidays in a perfunctory attempt to maintain social graces, however it is more than white trash Canadians would care to do and more than they deserve.  Take New Year’s Eve for example as Canadians rang in the New Year with flashing lights of red and blue.  No, these were not celebratory fireworks but the strobe lights of police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances.

I always believed that celebrations should only be for people who have things to celebrate.  New Year’s should be about taking stock in one’s achievements throughout the year, or the progress they have made toward one’s goals.  Not for Canadians though.  New Year is just another excuse to act like hooligans and idiots.  As if they needed another excuse to act like morons – every Friday night is an excuse for them to get drunk and rowdy.  New Year only gives them an excuse to act like bigger morons than usual.

Even when they scream at the top of their lungs “Happy New Year!” when the clocks strike midnight, it means nothing.  The words lack any meaningful intent, neither wishing their friends an actual happy New Year nor celebrating future hopes and endeavors.  When they yell Happy New Year, it is simply just to yell.  The only thing most Canadians have to celebrate is for not putting a barrel of a gun down their mouths and ending their miserable existences.  Too much?  Well I call it as I see it, especially when the Canadian government is beginning to kowtow to gun lobbyists thanks to that disgusting ex-prime minister, Stephen Harper, and nobody seems to care about the rising gun violence in the country.

The Bitter Angry Pathetic Canadians

So I woke up this morning and found the cars along our street had the tires slashed.  This is indicative of the white trash loser mindset of Canadians.  Canadians are so angry and bitter about their miserable lives that they feel a pathological need to lash out.  They blame everyone and everything else for their sad pathetic existences that they mindlessly lash out in petty vandalism.  It’s the only way they can feel an ounce of pleasure in their miserable lives.  Imagine a society in a perpetual state of misery and that is Canada.  And naturally the white trash Canadians never look at themselves to see the root of their problems, their mounting personal debt, their uneducated viewpoints, their lousy relationships.  They are always looking to blame someone else.  Just look at the multiple Vancouver hockey riots for examples.  Disgraceful.

I would be angry if I didn’t feel so sorry for them.  A couple hundred dollars for two new tires doesn’t mean very much, but the mounting wretchedness of Canadians is absolutely pitiful.  It’s funny though, these same ignorant Canadians would be the first to scream that there should be zero social welfare and people should take responsible for their own lives.  Yet when the first thing go wrong in their insignificant lives they are the first to shout, scream, throw tantrums. “Oh wretched and poor me!  It’s not my fault!  It’s the immigrants!  It’s the government!  Everyone else is to blame!  Never me!”   They never say, “Well I don’t need to drive that nice car.  I don’t need to spend money on booze.  I can cut back on buying shit I don’t need.”  No, instead they feel self-entitled for all the things they see on TV and bemoan the world when they need to actually pay their credit cards.

Canadians are truly pathetic white trash.

Disgusting RCMP

When the majority of Canada’s population is made up of fatuous and ridiculous people then they breed disgusting police officers.  The Canadian RCMP and other Canadian municipal police departments are the most corrupt, incompetent, and depraved organizations on the planet.  Their crimes range from evidence tampering to rape and murder.  Some of the most famous are when four RCMP officers tasered an innocent man to death in the airport, just because it was fun to do.  Video footage clearly captured their flippant and smirky attitudes when they were about to do it.  Or another one, a Canadian police officer thought it was OK to taser an eight year old child.  Or the Highway of Tears when Native women are raped and murdered by police.

The latest disgusting act by the RCMP – “Child luring charge to go ahead against RCMP officer in Creep Catchers case.”   http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/child-luring-rcmp-creep-catchers-1.3810254  And guess what.  Every time when one of these degenerate police is caught, all that happens is that they get a fully paid suspension (a paid holiday) wait until the media dies down, and then they are found not guilty or a slap on the wrist and it’s back to business as usual.  Just disgusting!

How could Canada have such disgusting police organizations, you ask?  Well, it helps when the rich and powerful want them that way – goons that will do their bidding without question.  Example, when Montreal police used brutal and violent action against peaceful protesters at the G8 summit.

No, that’s not possible, you say?  When the RCMP illegally destroyed the long-gun registry in Canada, the corporate lapdog Prime Minister Stephen Harper simply wrote a new law, back-date it to before the crime, hid it in a 500 page omnibus bill, and passed it.  And his police lackeys got off Scott free for breaking the law.  When criminals are directed and protected by the highest authority in Canada then the country is truly disgusting.

People will say I’m just an angry person.  True.  My question is:  “Why aren’t you angry?”  The only thing more disgusting than the corruption in Canada, the disgusting corporate lapdog Stephen Harper, is that the Canadian people let them get away with it.  People need to be angry.  Stop spending all you time watching TV, going to movies, stuffing your fat faces, and start paying attention to things that matter!  Otherwise, you’re nothing but a nation of white trash.