After living so many years in Canada, I’ve come to the sad conclusion that most Canadians are uneducated, ignorant, white trash.  However, unlike most white trash in the world, Canadians are even worse because they are oblivious to it.  They cling desperately to a dying reputation that Canadians are educated, open-minded, polite, and tolerant.  These qualities (if they were ever true in the first place) exist no longer.  The prime example of what I say is the fact that Canadians have allowed their country to be run for a decade by an absurdly disgraceful Conservative Government of Stephen Harper’s.  Ten years of blatant pandering to corporations and the rich, theft of taxpayers funds, fear-mongering, debt-building, degradation of democracy, etc, etc,etc. and still a third of Canadians voted for Harper in the last election, and still continue to support Conservative rhetoric.  Just PATHETIC!

In the end Canadians are just disgustingly lazy and uneducated to care about their own country.  The only things Canadians care about is sitting on their fat asses, watch T.V. and stuff their fat faces.