Pill Popping, Drug-addled, Canada

You all hear about Canadian Medicare, and in that sense, Canada is above average and is worthy of praise, no matter how much slavering corporate lap dogs in the United States want you to believe in the contrary.  Canadian Health Care is an envy to most nations and should be protected.

However, the medical professionals prevalent in white trash Canada, and influenced greatly by the States, are worthy of condemnation.  The doctors in Canada are not interested in curing the ills of their patients, but in simply treating them.  Why?  Because of profit.  The medical professionals of Canada are so deeply in bed with Pharmaceutical companies so that they make money if patients pop pills.

So the only thing Canadian doctors do with patients is prescribe pills, pills, pills, burdening heavy costs (billions) on both patients and the health care system.  Even the most simple of ills that could be treated with proper diet and exercise, the Canadian doctors will prescribe pills.  And because these pills cause side effects, the doctor prescribe more pills to counter that.  It goes on and on and on in a vicious circle with no end in sight.  No effort will be made to get patients off these medications.

The Canadian doctors and pharmaceutical industries are ghouls, making profit off of human pain and suffering.  How do they sleep at night?  Ghouls!  I wish there actually is a Biblical Hell cause Canadian doctors would surely burn there in the end.


One thought on “Pill Popping, Drug-addled, Canada

  1. Sadly, I love your blog. Everything you say about Canadians is true. Look at Terence Young, an honest, hard-working MP who spent every ounce of energy to get Vanessa’s Law passed, in honour of his daughter who died of a prescribed drug side effect. He lost the last election by a whisper and now of course the Liberals just allowed this piece of legislation to slip away, while partnering with their pharma partners. Same old, same old. Google Vanessa’s Law and see the latest interviews with Terence Young. Everything is all visible, the corruption, it’s not hidden–but try to get Canadians to show up and lobby for better health care–nearly impossible! Oh no, there couldn’t be corruption in Canada, that’s for other countries.


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