Shiny Baubles and Toys – Necessities?

Canadians love to buy things.  They like it so much that they go into debt to do so.  They believe having pretty baubles and shiny toys to be necessities like food and shelter.  If they are ever denied such frivolous things then they act as if they are being deprived, and life is soooooo unfair to them. So it is the immigrants fault, it is the governments fault, it is the fault of China or Russia, it is always someone else’s fault.

And the stupidest thing of all about this, as much as Canadians love to consume for the sake of consuming, they hate to take responsibility for their junk.  So when they use up whatever it is they wanted and craved at one point in time, they refuse to dispose of them responsibly afterwards.  So everywhere you go in Canada, in the city, in the suburbs, you will see their garbage furtively dumped outside.  Couches and mattress dumped on the side of the road.  TV and electronics chucked into dumpsters instead of being properly recycled.  They used their parks and hiking trails like garbage dumps, where they sneak into in the dark of night like criminals and chucking their useless things away.  They would even surreptitiously throw their junk into their neighbor’s yards.  What kind of people treat the country that they confess such patriotic zeal for and then use it as a trash dump because they don’t care  to pay to properly dispose of their garbage?  White trash kind of people, that’s what kind.


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