No Racism – How would you know?

“There is no racism in Canada, not anymore.”

A Canadian friend of mine said this to me.  He was talking about how unfair ethical quotas are in the workplace, and he told me how a guy he knew was passed over for someone else because of the practice.  At the time, I did not think much about it, but it occurs to me now, “How the heck would he know?”  He was white.  What the hell kind of racism had he ever experienced?

And seriously, how unfair can the quota system be?  Given any organization in Canada, 98% of the workers are Caucasian even though 30% of the entire population is a visible ethnic variety.  So concerning this guy my friend knows who says he lost his place because of the practice of quota is more a telling of his own competence.  Here is the guy who could not even get a job within 98% of the spots open to him and other Caucasians, and now he bemoans the 2% left for the visible minorities.  Really, how pathetic must you be when you are the lowest of the 98% that couldn’t even get a spot among so many?

Canadians truly are ignorant morons.



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