New Year Lights of Blue and Red

So I refrained from posting during the holidays in a perfunctory attempt to maintain social graces, however it is more than white trash Canadians would care to do and more than they deserve.  Take New Year’s Eve for example as Canadians rang in the New Year with flashing lights of red and blue.  No, these were not celebratory fireworks but the strobe lights of police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances.

I always believed that celebrations should only be for people who have things to celebrate.  New Year’s should be about taking stock in one’s achievements throughout the year, or the progress they have made toward one’s goals.  Not for Canadians though.  New Year is just another excuse to act like hooligans and idiots.  As if they needed another excuse to act like morons – every Friday night is an excuse for them to get drunk and rowdy.  New Year only gives them an excuse to act like bigger morons than usual.

Even when they scream at the top of their lungs “Happy New Year!” when the clocks strike midnight, it means nothing.  The words lack any meaningful intent, neither wishing their friends an actual happy New Year nor celebrating future hopes and endeavors.  When they yell Happy New Year, it is simply just to yell.  The only thing most Canadians have to celebrate is for not putting a barrel of a gun down their mouths and ending their miserable existences.  Too much?  Well I call it as I see it, especially when the Canadian government is beginning to kowtow to gun lobbyists thanks to that disgusting ex-prime minister, Stephen Harper, and nobody seems to care about the rising gun violence in the country.


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