The Bitter Angry Pathetic Canadians

So I woke up this morning and found the cars along our street had the tires slashed.  This is indicative of the white trash loser mindset of Canadians.  Canadians are so angry and bitter about their miserable lives that they feel a pathological need to lash out.  They blame everyone and everything else for their sad pathetic existences that they mindlessly lash out in petty vandalism.  It’s the only way they can feel an ounce of pleasure in their miserable lives.  Imagine a society in a perpetual state of misery and that is Canada.  And naturally the white trash Canadians never look at themselves to see the root of their problems, their mounting personal debt, their uneducated viewpoints, their lousy relationships.  They are always looking to blame someone else.  Just look at the multiple Vancouver hockey riots for examples.  Disgraceful.

I would be angry if I didn’t feel so sorry for them.  A couple hundred dollars for two new tires doesn’t mean very much, but the mounting wretchedness of Canadians is absolutely pitiful.  It’s funny though, these same ignorant Canadians would be the first to scream that there should be zero social welfare and people should take responsible for their own lives.  Yet when the first thing go wrong in their insignificant lives they are the first to shout, scream, throw tantrums. “Oh wretched and poor me!  It’s not my fault!  It’s the immigrants!  It’s the government!  Everyone else is to blame!  Never me!”   They never say, “Well I don’t need to drive that nice car.  I don’t need to spend money on booze.  I can cut back on buying shit I don’t need.”  No, instead they feel self-entitled for all the things they see on TV and bemoan the world when they need to actually pay their credit cards.

Canadians are truly pathetic white trash.


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