Disgusting RCMP

When the majority of Canada’s population is made up of fatuous and ridiculous people then they breed disgusting police officers.  The Canadian RCMP and other Canadian municipal police departments are the most corrupt, incompetent, and depraved organizations on the planet.  Their crimes range from evidence tampering to rape and murder.  Some of the most famous are when four RCMP officers tasered an innocent man to death in the airport, just because it was fun to do.  Video footage clearly captured their flippant and smirky attitudes when they were about to do it.  Or another one, a Canadian police officer thought it was OK to taser an eight year old child.  Or the Highway of Tears when Native women are raped and murdered by police.

The latest disgusting act by the RCMP – “Child luring charge to go ahead against RCMP officer in Creep Catchers case.”   http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/child-luring-rcmp-creep-catchers-1.3810254  And guess what.  Every time when one of these degenerate police is caught, all that happens is that they get a fully paid suspension (a paid holiday) wait until the media dies down, and then they are found not guilty or a slap on the wrist and it’s back to business as usual.  Just disgusting!

How could Canada have such disgusting police organizations, you ask?  Well, it helps when the rich and powerful want them that way – goons that will do their bidding without question.  Example, when Montreal police used brutal and violent action against peaceful protesters at the G8 summit.

No, that’s not possible, you say?  When the RCMP illegally destroyed the long-gun registry in Canada, the corporate lapdog Prime Minister Stephen Harper simply wrote a new law, back-date it to before the crime, hid it in a 500 page omnibus bill, and passed it.  And his police lackeys got off Scott free for breaking the law.  When criminals are directed and protected by the highest authority in Canada then the country is truly disgusting.

People will say I’m just an angry person.  True.  My question is:  “Why aren’t you angry?”  The only thing more disgusting than the corruption in Canada, the disgusting corporate lapdog Stephen Harper, is that the Canadian people let them get away with it.  People need to be angry.  Stop spending all you time watching TV, going to movies, stuffing your fat faces, and start paying attention to things that matter!  Otherwise, you’re nothing but a nation of white trash.



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